Get rid of that extra weight with this awesome diet

I have been working as a dietician for 3 years now. The following diet is a powerful tool which you have to follow for just one week- and the result would be for you, and everyone else to see. You would lose at least 10 kilograms of your unwanted weight by simply following my diet chart for one whole week. But you will also have to promise yourself and give your 100 percent commitment towards this. First of all you will need to understand your body structure. Everybody is not the same but the common principles of a healthy body apply to all Recommended:

  • 10 glasses of water have to be drunk everyday. It would be advisable to drink 2 glasses for 5 times in a day.
  • Red Meat and Alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • Egg (only egg white only) should be eaten twice in a week.
  • Fruits/Fruit juice/ Green Vegetables should be a regular feature in the diet.(Banana should be less in the diet)
  • lt is advisable to avoid Butter/cheese in the diet.
  • Fried food/junk food/oily food/Spicy food prohibited in the diet and are a strict no-no.
  • Only 1-2 table spoons of oil should be used in cooking
  • Preferably Boiled food (Rice and vegetable) should be consumed. ‘,Menu Planning:7am-8am: Liquor Tea and 2 buiscuits.

9am-10am: Milk and cornflakes and Fruits(1bowl) yoats (1bowl) Negetable Oats(1bowl)/Sandwich with tomato and cucumber and pepper(2)/2 bread toast and 1egg boiled. ln between time if hungry have Biscuits/ curd and cucumber and pepper + said

1pm-2pm: 1cup cooked boiled rice + 1 bowl pulses + 1 Bowl Vegetable soup/curry + 1Fish/2 pieces chicken soup/curry/ Or 1 Bowl Pulses +1 bowl Vegetable soup +1Fish/2pieces Chicken Curry/Soup 3pm-4pm : Fruits/Fruit juice

5pm-6pm : Tea + Biscuits/Sandwich/Homemade Chowmien9pm-10pm: 1Bowl Pulses +1Bowl vegetable soup/ Soya bean curry.

I have prepared the above chart after one year of extensive research and I am happy and feel proud to say that my customers have never felt cheated. I call them customers and not patients because losing weight is such a simple thing, it is not a disease at all. You just have to follow the diet chart strictly for one whole week. Another thing that needs to be kept in the mind is that this diet should not be mixed and tried with some other diet plans such as the GM diet. Every diet plan works in its own way and should not be interfered with other diet tips. That said, I think this diet plan if followed religiously for one complete week, will leave a long lasting impact on your body. It is guaranteed to help you lose at least 10 extra kilograms in your body. I wish you the very best in your goal towards losing that extra weight on your body.

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