True Health Tips for a Long Healthy Life

Health is wealth’ is perhaps the truest and most sincere adage we heard and in an era of unhealthy lifestyle, the saying gains more and more importance. III health is the most frequent contributor of our major health problems and here are some time-tested health tips for a long healthy life.

Daily exercise is the best health tip to keep your body and mind healthy and youthful. Just like brushing the teeth, make exercise also an integral part of your daily timetable. Routine exercise for 30 minutes brings countless benefits to your health. Aerobic exercise is particularly good for heart. Too many options like jogging, swimming, walking, cycling and rowing machine are available for this purpose. Take care not to overdo these things.

Avoid the habit of sitting idle and watching TV for long hours. Just do fishing orĀ  walk here and there for half an hour and that alone counts a lot. Some simple steps like taking the stairs in the place of an elevator and walking to the market will do a lot of benefits. Going for a walk with your beloved ones provide additional advantages like stress reduction and leisure. Eating healthy diet undoubtedly plays a vital role to keep you in the pink. Junk foods, soft drinks and fast food items with high fat content are the major villains that harm your health in a big way.

Foods containing high saturated fats, cholesterol, salt and added sugar are slow killers of your brain, heart and general health. So just quit eating them and replace those trash with healthy foods comprising lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil and fish. The well-known Mediterranean diet containing these items is an ideal health tip. Remember that marine fishes that hold precious poly unsaturated fatty acids-PUFA- is perfect for your heart.

Develop the habit of drinking more water but reduce the use of caffeinated as well as aerated beverages. Increased body weight is a great threat to your health and so give prime importance to the weight loss tips. When you eat more you are simply adding more calories to your body resulting in fat deposition. So eat less, eat healthy and exercise more You have to build these lifestyle changes, anyhow to avoid grave health problems like diabetes, stroke and heart diseases. Reduce your stress to live healthy and enjoy your life more Spend extra time with your family, friends and pets. Practicing simple meditation will help to keep your mind, body, and soul cool. Proper sleep and adequate rest are pivotal for a healthy life and also put limits on your working hours. Taking routine physical exams and screening tests with your doctor will definitely help to avoid serious health issues.

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